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3AC Needlepoint November Newsletter

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Why Needlepoint Still Matters

In this age of fast fashion and the ability to purchase everything with the click of a mouse I’m often asked why this craft still matters and who does it.   For me, it matters for two reasons.  The first is that I’ve found it to be a wonderful way to let go of the day's stressors.  People describe needlepoint as Yoga for the mind and I agree.  Something about the repetition of stitching calms me.  I took a 20 year break from needlepoint.  I was busy raising a child, working and doing everything else that comes along with being human.  So my point is, I get it…life gets in the way of our hobbies or passions but if you have some free time with your hands, needlepoint is a nice way to relax.  And much less calories than my favorite white wine.

The second reason surrounds legacy.  My sofa, pictured above (please ignore the bike in my dining would think I actually exercise by looking at this picture), has a canvas my grandmother stitched over 40 years ago.  I treasure it.  I see it every day and think of her.  Not only does needlepoint bind my family, as we were raised to stitch, it creates some part of yourself that goes on.  

Take Advantage of Our Kit Pricing
Now through November 20th we are including all threads in the price of the canvas.  We kit primarily with pearl cotton but can use silk blends when requested.  And we always include metallics where your canvas calls for some sparkle.
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Missed the Finishing Deadline?
Never fear...Self Finishing is here!  Self finishing projects include bottle stoppers, cuffs, leather catchalls, luggage tags and even ornament holders so you can hang that finished ornament on the tree this year.  It's reusable (although you have to unstick your work) so send that work of art onto your finisher after this holiday season.
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I wish you a gratitude filled November and happy stitching.



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